What does the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology do?

The Philippine Society of Medical Oncology is a non-profit non-governmental organization with the vision to: To be an internationally recognized organization of competent and compassionate medical oncologists inspired and committed to integrate a multidisciplinary approach to the optimal care of the Filipino cancer patient.

Its mission is to:

  1. Actively pursue the standards of excellence in the society and practice of Oncology
  2. Undertake research that will foster the development and advancement of Oncology
  3. Provide opportunities for continuing medical education and further professional development of its members
  4. Educate the public at large and allied medical specialties on the holistic approach to care of cancer patients and their families
  5. Nurture fellowship and encourage openness and cooperation among its members
  6. Promote the interests and welfare of its members

What types of services does the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology offer?

  • Cancer advocacy/information dissemination/teaching;
  • Cancer outreach programs;
  • Support cancer research initiatives;
  • Foster multidisciplinary partnership for holistic cancer care;
  • Connect/link to agencies that could help patients obtain financial help

How to contact the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology?

phone: (+632) 721 9326 or (+632) 723 0101 loc 5318
email: [email protected], [email protected]

You may also send us a message here

Where to find your nearest Medical Oncologist/ Cancer Specialist?

Please visit our “Find A Doctor” page and use the doctors search by clicking here

What are the agencies that supply Financial Assistance / Medical Assistance and how do I apply?

Please visit the “Patient Support” page for a range of providers/options, by clicking here.


Stay up to date with the PSMO and get news pertaining to the advancements and findings relating to the field of medical oncology (cancer research).