Fatigue In Testicular Cancer Survivors Reduce Through Vigorous Exercise

The strenuous exercise regime provided the most benefit to men who had both the lowest overall fitness levels and who had been treated for testicular cancer. After the 12-week exercise routine, the men in the study reported elevated energy levels and increase to self-esteem when compared to those who in the control group, who received the standard treatment. Additionally, they also experienced less fatigue and had more vitality after three months.

Preventative Screening Scan Could Reduce Lung Cancer Deaths

Preventative Screening Scan Could Reduce Lung Cancer Deaths

Cancer Research UK reports that the introduction of lung screening for people at high risk of lung cancer could decrease deaths from the disease. Based on a recent study, lung cancer deaths among men at high risk of lung cancer was 26% lower in those who had screening with a CT scan. The results suggest that the benefits could be even more significant in women. However, once published, experts said closer scrutiny of the data will be needed.

Combining Traditional Cancer Treatment With Complementary Therapy Could Improve Survival

Receiving the news that you have cancer can come about as a big shock, leaving you asking hundreds of questions. It is because of this that it is essential that patients have access to the best advice, founded on accurate information so that they can make informed decisions about their treatments. If you research online, you will find a myriad of articles relating to more easily accessible and less daunting forms of treatment when compared to the standard medical approach.

How Exercise Helps Combat Cancer Fatigue

One of the most common complaints among cancer patients and survivors is the chronic fatigue that the experience after treatment, known as Cancer Fatigue. Typically, this type of weariness occurs either during the chemo treatment or within the first year afterward. It is particularly difficult to handle because it can last for long periods of time, and isn’t even alleviated after sleep or rest. The good news is that a considerable body of research is finding that, cancer patients who exercise regularly report feeling less tired overall.