Fatigue In Testicular Cancer Survivors Reduce Through Vigorous Exercise

The strenuous exercise regime provided the most benefit to men who had both the lowest overall fitness levels and who had been treated for testicular cancer. After the 12-week exercise routine, the men in the study reported elevated energy levels and increase to self-esteem when compared to those who in the control group, who received the standard treatment. Additionally, they also experienced less fatigue and had more vitality after three months.

Not Much Sun Exposure Is Needed To Get Your Vitamin D

UV rays in sunlight are the main culprit of skin cancer, but sunshine is needed in producing essential vitamin D. One of the dangers of having low vitamin D is rickets, and in recent years it has increased slightly. This suggests that some people are not spending enough time outside in the sun. Interestingly, skin cancer rates are rising, for example, almost 16,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma every year in the UK. Depending on your skin type, the amount of sunlight exposure you need to get enough vitamin D varies. However, the balance of how long people need to spend in the sun to generate enough vitamin D while minimizing their skin cancer risk remains unclear.