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Factfile: State of Cancer Treatment in the Philippines

SPECIAL REPORT – We should remember that in this day and age, 1/3 of cancers are preventable, and 1/3 are curable. Watch this video to learn more about cancer treatment in the Philippines. Source: http://medicalobserverph.com

Herbal supplements: What works and what won’t

Not all herbal supplements work and they can even make the health condition of a cancer patient worse. This was what the experts of Philippine Society of Medical Oncologists (PSMO) stressed during a meeting with the local press. Oncologist and PSMO vice president Dr. Ellie May Belarmino-Villegas even stated that more than 80 percent of […]

Probing the cancer therapeutic claims of dietary supplements

PSMO doctors from all over the country work with the FDA to carefully monitor dietary supplements making false claims when it comes to cancer treatment. From left: Drs. Dennis Sacdalan, Felina Adefuin, Maria Karla Ermino, Ma. Noemi Uy, Felycette Gay Lapus, and Emick Villegas; Joyce Cirunay, Florita Moreleja, and Dr. Omid Etamadi.

MANILA, Philippines – Studies show a steady increase in cancer incidence around the world. The top sites for women include breast, cervix, uteri, and lung, while top sites for men include lung, liver, colon/rectum, and prostate. It is important to spread cancer awareness and information to keep the numbers from going up. Of the leading […]